Ooh La Lava essential Oil Jewellery

Using Ooh La LAVA Essential Oil Jewellery

 Using Ooh La LAVA Essential Oil Jewellery

For the most of us jewellery can be the most precious possessions we own. We choose carefully and wisely when purchasing jewellery. What are the reasons behind wearing jewellery?  for some we like to wear them because it looks beautiful, it’s nice, we wear them so we don’t look so plain, it’s added for a bit of style and bling that’s needed in our dressing up. Who doesn’t want to stand out from the rest!

Now how about if I told you there was a jewellery range that was beneficial

What about if there was jewellery out there that had health benefits, that the jewellery was modern, unique and looked and smelled divine. Interested?

Here at Ooh La LAVA our Essential Oil Jewellery is all of that! We have hand made and designed most of our jewellery here in Australia Queensland on the Gold Coast, there is no middle man.

We are a 100% Australian owned  small business, so rest assure you are helping small business here in Australia. We only use the highest quality healing stones our large selection of Stainless Steel Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery includes Necklaces, Bracelets with the vision of using LAVA stone for the absorption and diffusion of the essential oils. Our jewellery pieces are made with 316l hypoallergenic anti rust high quality stainless steel as well as a Sterling Silver range. It’s a simple step as 1, 2, 3

  1. Put on your Essential Oil Jewellery.
  2. Choose the oil you like.
  3. Put one to two drop of the oil onto your lava stone and rub in gentle, it diffuses average 3 days, re-apply as necessary and enjoy the beautiful aroma and reap the health benefits of the essential oils. Look and smell divine!

Here is a few of our Ooh La LAVA necklaces chain sizes vary.

visit www.OohlaLAVA.com


AUD $30


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