Glowing skin

Skin Care Benefits of Essential Oils

What We Use @Ooh La LAVA

At Ooh La LAVA our essential oil jewellery are made from the highest quality materials. The healing stones we use are at the highest quality, source from around the world. The oils we use is from best and trusted company brand in the world “Essential oils from doTerra”. They are of the highest quality and are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). Our Lava rock comes in all different sizes from 4mm up to 16mm and they are all porous to absorb the essential oils for the diffusion process. The chains we use are high grade Sterling Silver as well as high polished 316 Stainless Steel chain.


Skin Care Benefits of Essential Oils

Firstly there is no secret that essential oils are one of the best natural healers out there.

Essential oils have been used since the start of time. I mean really for thousands and thousands of years. The Egyptians where one of the first to use the oils, we all know the Great Cleopatra? Of course! Her favourite was the Almond oil, as well as her bathing in milk.  For her skin to glow like it did, the secret is out “essential oils is the key” that’s what gave her that natural beautiful glow we all know her for. She wouldn’t have lived without her essential oils. She was the beauty Queen of all time 🙂

Ooh La LAVA headquarters

Here at Ooh La Lava headquarters we are working extremely hard in our development and and processing stages  to introduce our own range of essential oil blends to help benefit skin care, therapeutic benefits as well as beautiful fragrant perfumes. Blends to look out for:

  • Soothing blend
  • Headache blend
  • Happy blend
  • Flu bomb blend
  • Super booster blend

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