essential oil jewellery

Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery

Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery

Ooh La LAVA was created in Australia in early 2016 for the sole purpose of making custom and unique hand made jewellery using Lava for its absorption and diffusion of beautiful smelling essential oils. Its simple to use and effective,  just add one to two drops of your favourite essential oil to your lava stone and rub it in gentle.

These beautiful Aromatherapy oil diffuser pendants are specially designed with Lava to slowly diffuse your favourite essential oil blend all day long. Average diffusion 2 days add more as necessary.

Enjoy the beauty of your essential oil jewellery’s aroma, whether on your necklace or bracelet you will look amazing, stand out from the rest, smell and feel divine. The power of Aromatherapy is endless.

So Ooh La LAVA was born

Not only for wearing beautiful looking unique style jewellery but for its health benefits also. Ooh La LAVA Essential Oil jewellery has necklaces and bracelet’s in all different styles.

Stand out from the rest

With Ooh La LAVA’s unique and modern designs, we offer the BEST in Aromatherapy Jewellery!

Adding your favourite essential oil to the lava stone, and just breathe will help lift your mood, reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost metabolism, eliminate headaches, induce your sleep, strengthen your immune system, improve digestion and increase your circulation reap the health benefits of aromatherapy

Essential oil jewellery here in Australia visit our large selection of Stainless Steel Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery which includes Necklaces and Bracelets . We also do FREE Shipping in Australia!

Our collection ranges from 316l hypoallergenic anti rust high quality stainless steel to Sterling Silver, as well as our own blends of essential oils.

Here’s a little look at some of my designs:


Want to see more check out the collection click here.


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