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 Health Benefits of Essential oils

Essential oils, have they been forgotten? Why does this generation of people still not understand the health benefits that the essential oils have?

My love for essential oils grows and grows

Everything I’ve learnt throughout my time from my mentors and people, to researching books, trial an error and of course the internet, so the more I’m learning of essential oils the more interested I get. I’m talking to so many people now about essential oils who are interested in what they can do and be used for in all walks of life and teaching them some of the important health benefits and spreading the love. Essential oils can be used for so many things from cooking to massage, healing and helping people’s moods change, it’s amazing.

I just question why more people aren’t using essential oils for their benefits?

The benefits are limitless! One of my favourite blends that I’ve made here at Ooh La LAVA is the Headache blend, it works amazingly. It has been tried and tested by others and the reviews  people have given me has been wonderful, exiting and I’m so proud it gives me a buzz. It is coming out soon and will be available at

I first made this blend because I have suffered a lot throughout my years with constant headaches, was always going to the doctor and even had to get scans done, but nothing was found.  I got sick and tired of no answers, and buying paracetamol to treat the headache, I decided to research and try a different approach, and that’s when I found essential oils and started to fall in love with them.

Finding out the amazing health benefits they had to offer was not only fascinating but amazing

Now I’m happy to say “out with pain killers and in with oils” , and yes the oils are all 100% natural and are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade so they are pure and safe to use, they can even be consumed in your food, for example add a drop or two of basil and oregano oil  in your tomato sauce to make bolognese, the flavour is beautiful YUM!

I believe one of the reasons that essential oils have been kept a secret is because of the biggest business in the world “Prescription Drugs”, they don’t want you knowing there are better, safer and natural healing properties out there to treat people at a more affordable price. It’s just big business.

Live a  natural and healthier life.

At the end of the day it’s your choice the people’s choice. I prefer and believe natural remedies and staying natural with as much as i can. Share the love with essential oils give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions about the oils or need a blend for a problem that may needs attention, whether it’s  as simple as a headache or you have a child with ADHD, anxiety, depression or just want to feel good, we have the blends that can help you.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, leave a comment here or on  FaceBook  I will get straight back to you ASAP 🙂


  • Apply to the side of your temples and front of the forehead for headaches
  • Apply to wrists or back of hands and inhale deeply to promote a sense of clarity.
  • Use Essential oils at work to stay on task or when feeling tired mid-afternoon.
  • Dispense Essential oils on a Lava pendant and wear around your neck

Directions for Use

Topical use: Apply one to two drops essential oils to your Ooh La Lava jewellery for your desired area.

Aromatherapy functionspleasant smell: helps  lift your mood, relieve tension, stress and anxiety. Also can help boost metabolism.

doterra oil blends


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