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Essential Oils Body Scrub

Pure Body Coffee Scrub

Pure Body Coffee scrub is a 100% natural coffee based skin care product using essential oils and of course ground Arabica coffee beans. This coffee scrub is my favourite it helps rejuvenate my skin , its a fantastic exfoliant and  leaves my skin smooth and silky i love it! There are 4 essential oils in this body scrub: Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Cold pressed Coconut oil and Orange oil, each of them are highly moisturising leaving you feel REJUVENATED!

Pure Body Coffee Scrub

More over this body scrub has Himalayan Pink Salt which detoxifies the toxins out of the skin and adipose tissue, minimises the formation of stretch marks and minerals to help heal damaged muscle and soft tissue.

The Organic Cacao has lots of great benefits for the skin too, is high in antioxidants to block harmful free radicals, high in skin protection vitamins, Omega 6 that promotes cellular healing and  enzymes for cell repair and more…

And the Brown Sugar is a natural hydrating and conditioning humectant, it guards your skin from toxins and keeps it healthy, contains glycolic acid which fights against bacteria keeping your skin vivacious and healthy.It also helps with sun damage and offers support to aging skin.

So if your looking for a body scrub that can do a little more check out this scrub you wont be disappointing 🙂

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